Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Operation - Save Moola for Baby! Mission 1

For some time now we been throwing around the idea of getting rid of our beast (aka The Tahoe) and consolidating down to one car. Yes, we were a two car family that only drove one car. The beast sat in the driveway during the week and went out for special trips to the dog park, C*ostco, etc. during the weekend. When we bought the beast it seemed practical for our lifestyle. A few years ago when we lived in the city we were toting around dogs to dog parks, carting around friends to events and renovating houses on the side. But things changed and we moved out the country (aka I*ssaquah). Driving the beast into the city was no longer practical. So this weekend we spiffed up our beast & our little lovable beetle and traded them in for a used P*assat. We are now officially a one car family! A few of our friends have told us that we'll regret not having two cars but I think it was the right move to make. Besides, part of the goal was to have only one car payment so we could save money for the bambino. That alone was worth it! So, when the bambino comes C will either take the car into work or I'll drop her off at the park n ride near our house. We have an express bus into the city that gets you there in 30 minutes flat. And after my maternity leave we'll all trot into the city via the carpool lanes. Yes, I'm painting a pretty picture. But work with me people! One car has got to work for our little family. Have you seen the cost of daycare or nannies? Okay...I'm getting way ahead of myself now. But I'm a planner and that's what I do.

I'm beginning to ramble so I better go see what C is doing in the kitchen. I think I smell garlic.

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