Friday, June 6, 2008

Saliva Ovulation Predictor Tests Part 2

I've been using the Fertile F*ocus ovulation microscope for about a week and let's just say I'm 'challenged'. I've been having the hardest time getting the correct amount of salvia on the lens. The instructions say to put a 'drop' of salvia on the lens and let dry 5-10 minutes. Hello...have you ever tried to put a drop of salvia on a tiny lens at 5:30 AM? Either I put too much, not enough or it has air bubbles. I've now decided on a new tactic. I'm waiting until my eyes are open to at least slits to preform the test. Apparently, clear vision is helpful. So lesson learned.

It's a fun little gadget when you get it right. Two thumbs up and affordable. You can get your very own Click here to order

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