Friday, June 6, 2008

Bring back the Sun

Can someone tell mother nature that it's June 6 not December 6 in the Seattle area. Today our high is 51. I think I better get out my sunscreen and shorts... whew! That's a heatwave! COME ON, REALLY 51 freakin degrees. What happened to our spring? The weather here is beginning to be down right depressing. I know you non-seattlites think it always rains here but truth be told it doesn't...well...except for this year! I guess I should just be grateful that we are not experiencing the horrible storms in the Midwest.

Check out our forecast. I bet your jealous.

Today Jun 6
High 51° Low 44°

Sat Jun 7
High 56° Low 42°

Sun Jun 8

High 56° Low 43°

I leave you with our beautiful December day. Click here to see more pictures and view the movie.

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