Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have a love-hate relationship with the FM. Today, I hate it! H woke up this morning and her BBT dipped really low...the lowest she's logged since we started charting. I think we were both convinced that damn thermometer was broken because we took it four times. According to TCOYF, "it is believed that this usually occurs on the day of ovulation and is the result of high levels of estrogen pushing the temperature down."

To top it off...the FM hit peak. H has had numerous months where her FM reading stopped at "high". But, she's never showed signs of ovulating past day 16. The key word here is NEVER! We inseminated when her cervix was open, high, SOT show lot's of ferning, CM was spinning...but, OPK was neg and FM was high. The swimmers were sitting inside of a seven day tank and we were running out of days, so we had to do something. Since H has not always hit peak on the FM in the past and all the other signs lined up, we went for it. I can't fucking believe it...a drop in temp, FM reading is peak, and I'm sitting here sperm-less and blogging. I'm trying to stay positive, honest. If it wasn't for the fact that I feel sick to my stomach, I think it would be easier. I think we totally missed our window. If only I had access to an unlimited amount of sperm and/or DTD wasn't frozen and stored 2500 miles away. Why does it have to be so fucked up?



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