Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heat Wave

Hot, hot, hot! The weather has been strange this year. For the last few months in the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been cooler than normal for this time of year. We had a blanket of snow as late as April, and the temperature has been fluctuating between 45 - 55 degrees. Lately, the sky is full of little gray clouds, soaking the landscape with rain, rain, rain. Normally we get sun breaks on a regular basis, and only in the heart of August does the temperature get above 90 degrees. Yesterday was the first sun break we've had in a couple of weeks. A nice gradual increase in temperature would have been nice, but it jumped to 95 degrees where we live. Okay, okay, so that's nothing compared to some parts of the country...but, we're a bunch of wusses here! I suppose we could be considered a bunch of whiners's too cold, it's too rainy, it's too hot! Hey, but at least we're flexible with our lattes and mocha's...if it hot, get an iced latte...if it's cold, get a hot latte. Anyways, it was too hot to do much of anything. By late afternoon it was cooler outside than it was, we hung out in the backyard with the pups. Maggie likes the coolness of the took her almost an hour before she stopped panting. That's Maggie in the picture...enjoying the fresh air and cooler temps!

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