Monday, May 12, 2008

I Boiled It!

Have you seen the movie "If these walls could talk 2"? The part 3 scene opens when Fran (played by Sharon Stone) realizes that she is ovulating. Kal (played by Ellen DeGeneres) rushes out the door to the donor company to pick up the sperm. On the way home, she seat belts the nitrogen tank in into the passenger seat and carefully drives at a snails pace home, stalling traffic and yelling out the drivers side window to a neighboring car that 'I have sperm'. The scene goes on to illustrate several different insemination attempts. This little scene in the movie is the closet you can get to the real thing in mainstream society (minus the actual turkey baster scene).

I think we all can relate to this scene in one way or another. Whether it be your first attempt or your seventh, whether it be at home or in a doctor's office, we all go through a variation of the emotions portrayed in this little clip.


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