Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are you kidding me?

Sunday (Mother's Day) was supposed to be the big day. We were all set to try our first at-home insemination. C had practiced with the syringe and catheter. It took us a bit to figure out that the tip of the syringe comes off and you can snap the catheter into place... who knew!?! We apparently missed that instruction when the doctor was demonstrating the tools we were to use. urgh! We started monitoring my cervix with a speculum on day 6 of my cycle and I was to start ovulating on day 13-14; just like every other month for the last 8 months. So, wouldn't you know that when I woke up on day 13 the fertility monitor and ovulation test stick were a 'no go'. We checked my cervix and it was still not open. Hmmmm...not ovulating today. I wasn't concerned because I've seen this in the past. I figured that I would peak on day 14...no problem!!

Then the next morning I woke up and tested. I must admit that I was a bit anxious this time around. In the past, I didn't worry too much about the monitor or ovulation stick results...I just documented the results and went about my day. So, I sat on the toilet waiting for the results. The ovulation test stick was done first. First off, let me just I say that I hate these sticks! It's a guessing game. At any rate, it appeared to give me a positive read for ovulating. Now the fertility monitor. Okay...so it was done, popped out the stick and.................'Low'....... WTF?!? I've haven't had this problem in 8 MONTHS. So, I told myself not to panic... Ok...no worries. I'll just wake up C and see what she has to say. We decided to check my cervix.... Hmmm, looks wide open and I had oodles of mucous. (slight TMI, but valuable info) So, with that we decided to try our first insemination. It went off without a hitch. whew!

About 14 hours later we investigated my cervix and decided to do our second insemination for this cycle. My cervix was open but not as wide. We were concerned that if we waited until we tested on the fertility monitor again it would be to late.

The next morning I woke up and tested on the fertility monitor.......and the results were........peak! So, we checked my cervix again and it was wide open like the first day but with not as much mucous. (I know, I know, TMI) ARGH!!! Now we're worried that we inseminated too early!!!

Now the wait begins. C keeps asking me if I feel any different. I think it's going to be a long 10 days. I usually have a 25 day cycle so unless my body decides to defy me once more we should have an answer by Memorial Day weekend. Wish us luck!

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