Thursday, October 9, 2008

Closing & The New Place

Well, it’s official! We signed the closing papers yesterday afternoon and should have our keys by this evening. Unfortunately, the hard part is next…moving. It is amazing how many books one can accumulate over the years. I keep asking H “do we really need a copy of this or that” only for her to reply “what if you want to read it to your kids someday?” Okay, good point…so the books stay. Eighteen boxes later and nearly every single book is packed. Carrying that many boxes downstairs to the garage was quite the workout! I think I’m either getting old or I’m out of shape. How am I supposed to carry a child around if I think this is hard work? Yikes!

This weekend is reserved for the new place. It needs a fresh coat of paint, we have some appliance shopping to do, and I need to dig out tools from my younger days and try and flex my carpentry skills. Oh, and I can’t forget my favorite…removing the awful popcorn ceiling! We did have a contractor come in and provide estimates, but I can’t justify spending nearly $16k on minor repairs. No Way! We may be getting older and a bit out of practice, but we are fully capable of handling most of the repairs ourselves.

Speaking of ‘older’, H turns 36 in three weeks! I nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I realized that it was just around the corner. Her birthday is on the 2nd of November, but with all the political campaign following, house planning, settling into fall, looking forward to our traditional October runs, etc., it just feels like time creeps up on you! At least I still have time to plan.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Moving & Moving Forward

We are here, alive, and I can say honestly that we are doing well. It has been an emotional journey since the miscarriage. Both H and I have dealt with our grief differently, but we are slowly healing. So much has happened that we really should have blogged about. In fact, some of it was very blog worthy, but we’ve found it difficult to write about how we feel when we need it the most. The buying of “the house” process has been fairly painless to date. Outside of the grief we are getting from our current landlord, the whole process has been completely in alignment. We should close sometime this week. There are so many incredible stories to tell in between the time we made the commitment to find our first house and finally getting the keys, but those will have to come another time. I will say that this has never felt more right. Both H and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I realize that statement is pretty vague, but if it hadn’t been for the miscarriage I wouldn’t be sitting here this morning writing about our new home; a place where our future baby will grow up. There will be a future baby; we will try again, but we just don’t know when. We are still both very emotionally cautious, but we are not giving up.

I really should start getting ready for work. We are alive, we are healing, we are moving past this, and we are looking forward to making new memories in our new home. Let’s hope we get the keys by Thursday. This should be the last time we move for a long, long time!